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Lacy de la Garza

Lacy de la Garza

Lead Admission Counselor

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Alma Mater: University of Dallas!

Degree: B.A. Psychology 

Why I love UD/Why I Recruit for UD: The culture of excellence here is unparalleled. During my time here as a student, I was constantly pressed onward and upward academically, socially and spiritually, not only by my professors but by my peers. I discovered latent loves that I didn’t know I had, like philosophy and drama. What other college insists you explore beyond your own major to graduate on time? The University of Dallas is a uniquely challenging place, and I’m excited to discover others who are willing to step up to that challenge.

Favorite Spot on Campus: Sounds cliché, but I love our cap bar. It really is the center of everything, and you can get a $2 cappuccino. How much better does it get?

Where Do You Hang Out in Dallas? I love the suburbs! Growing up here I know firsthand there is a ton to see and do beyond Dallas proper; shopping is what we’re famous for but it is only one of the many famed activities of Dallas…. (but seriously, the shopping here is awesome.)

Favorite Book: A Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. This book re-defined my love of psychology.

Favorite Place to Eat in DFW: Pho Bistro, a tiny mom-and-pop Vietnamese restaurant with the best pho soup I’ve ever eaten.

Favorite UD Event: How many times can I say Groundhog?? Groundhog.

Favorite/Coolest Place I have Visited: During my Rome semester some friends and I decided to take a weekend trip to Southern Italy and ended up on a bus to Amalfi, which we misunderstood to be “20 minutes away”… 2 hours later we arrived in the most breathtaking countryside I had ever seen, overlooking sharp cliffs into the Mediterranean Sea. One piece of pizza later and we were back on the bus to catch the last train back to Rome. It was definitely a surprising trip but one that really sticks out in my mind as the best kind surprise I could have asked for.

Advice to Prospective Students: At some point in each of our lives we accept the truth that we have to know what we want if we ever want it to happen. On some level, even if you have no idea of what you want to ‘do’ in life, you certainly have some idea of what kind of person you want to be. Choose a college that makes you comfortable with the idea of turning around at graduation and being able to say, “I’m proud of who I am.” That, ultimately, is what is going to drive you through this discernment. Interests and abilities change over time, but character lasts forever.

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