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  • Lucas Preble 
    Campus Visit Coordinator
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Lucas Preble

Lucas Preble

Campus Visit Coordinator

Hometown: Buenos Aires, Argentina/Boca Raton, Florida 

Alma Mater: University of Dallas

Degree: B.A. in Theology 

Why I love UD/Why I Recruit for UD: 
When I first set foot on campus, I was amazed by how friendly the faculty was. I witnessed my older sibling's relationships with their professors and I was impressed by how much care the professors gave towards their academic and social interests. I decided that throughout my college search I would make my decision based on the school's academic rigor, the professor's devotion to the student and the Catholic identity.

Where Do You Hang Out in Dallas?
The art museums in Dallas and Fort Worth are exceptional places to visit while in the area. I recommend the museums to anyone who stops by for a visit!

Favorite Book:
The Phantom Toll Booth by Norton Juster.

Favorite Place to Eat in DFW:
There is a wide variety of traditional Texan foods and 'must haves' that I could suggest, but I'll just mention my all-time favorite burger place: "Maple and Motor."

Favorite UD Event:
My favorite UD event is Lazy Fair. I was first exposed to it my freshman year as I was walking out of class and onto the mall where I found giant bounce houses, slip and slides, music, popcorn and of course music.

Favorite/Coolest Place I have Visited:
During ten-day of my Rome semester, I visited Paris, Madrid and Siena. I have to say Siena (although very small) holds a place in my heart for having the most beautiful architecture and color.

Advice to Prospective Students:
I would encourage each prospective student to determine the kind of values that they would want to be surrounded by and never surrender or submit to anything lesser. I would also encourage that they not be deterred by the difficult sounding curriculum  for 'nothing great was ever achieved without effort' and all great things were achieved by little men.

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