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The Master's Programs in English answer to the need of secondary and community college teachers for advanced study in literature. Candidates tailor a basic curriculum to complement their particular undergraduate training, drawing upon courses considering continental authors as well as British and American writers. Genre courses in epic, tragedy, comedy, and lyric focus upon the continuity of literary traditions. The program emphasizes literary criticism understood as elucidation of individual works and development of standards of judgment.The atmosphere of study is set by the understanding that poetry offers reliable access to a wisdom, which, although perhaps distinct from philosophy, is comparable to philosophy in its breadth and penetration. Students search out the wisdom of the poets and refine their judgment by taking part in discussions focused upon the chief works of major authors. Seminars and lecture courses culminate for the M.A. candidate in directed research and in the writing of a thesis.

Banqueting House London. 1619-1622. Architect: Inigo Jones.

Banqueting House London. 1619-1622. Architect: Inigo Jones.

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