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Constantin College of Liberal Arts

The foundation of the undergraduate curriculum is a set of about twenty core courses that are designed to expose all students to the great deeds, ideas, and works of Western Civilization in the belief that these are the surest guides in the search for truth and virtue.

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Constantin College of Liberal Arts seeks to provide undergraduate education through baccalaureate degree programs which include a substantial and coherent core curriculum common to all undergraduates, and major studies in the humanities and sciences proper to liberal learning.

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The Core Curriculum

The core curriculum emphasizes the study of the great deeds and works of Western civilization, both ancient and modern, and invites students to disciplined inquiry into fundamental aspects of being and of our relation to God, to nature, and to fellow human beings.

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The Rome Program

The Rome semester  focuses upon the history, art, and architecture of Ancient Greece, the Roman Republic and Roman Empire, the Early Christian Church, and Renaissance Italy.

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