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Computer Science

Computer science is concerned with the study of computers and the science of computing and algorithms. The disciplinary stamp of computer science at the University of Dallas is that of the 2,500 year old discipline of mathematics, both theoretical and applied. At UD, we believe that mathematics bears in its soul the imprint of all the human disciplines. The University of Dallas is a place where the great ideas of western civilization are studied and where subjects such as biology, art, and philosophy find intellectual residence. Computer science as mathematics fits the mission and purpose of the university.

In computer science, we study algorithms, programs and programming, and computational systems. The main goal of the discipline at UD is to build a systematic body of knowledge, theories and models that explains the properties of computational systems and to demonstrate how this body of knowledge can be used to produce solutions to real world problems. Computer science is the intellectual discipline widely accepted as the ascendant field of this century. Truly, computer science is a fitting discipline of study for a "Catholic university for independent thinkers."

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