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University Scholar

The University Scholar is a journal of undergraduate writing, comprising essays, short stories, poems, and scientific abstracts, sponsored by the University's chapter of the national Phi Beta Kappa liberal arts honor society and by the English Department.

The most recent editions may be viewed below. If you would like to make a submission for the next volume, please prepare your document according to the guidelines in either the Creative or Scholarly Style Guides linked below and turn in both a document file on disk and a printed version to Mrs. Concetta Nolan in the Graduate Dean's office on the first floor of Carpenter Hall. In addition to scholarly and creative writing, we also accept artwork for consideration.

Recent Issues

  • University Scholar Fall 2010

University Scholar, Fall 2010

  • University Scholar Spring 2011

University Scholar, Spring 2011

University Scholar, Fall 2011

University Scholar, Fall 2011

University Scholar, Spring 2012

University Scholar, Spring 2012

Scholar Fall 2012

University Scholar, Fall 2012

Spring 2013

University Scholar, Spring 2013

Fall 2013

University Scholar, Fall 2013

Spring 2014

University Scholar, Spring 2014

Scholar Fall 2014

University Scholar, Fall 2014

 spring 2015

University Scholar, Spring 2015



Creative Style Guide

Scholarly Style Guide

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