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Life Skills for Successful College Students

While students are different, all will face a challenge or two at some point during their college career.  Some of the key elements they will need to successfully navigate to graduation are:

Self care

Students should be conscientious about balanced and healthy eating and physical fitness. They should be aware of and attentive to their emotional needs.

Time Management

Effective time management blends good decision making abilities and an understanding of personal needs within the context of a schedule.  It is important that your student has a basic understanding of his parameters (class schedule, wake-up time, sleep time, time for socializing, etc) and ability to set priorities.  Scheduling study time, recreational time and even meal times is very important to your student's success.  

Making Connections

One of the most important things you can encourage your student to do when he arrives on campus is to make connections.  Not only should students attempt to meet a variety of people to find out what the campus has to offer, but they should also make an effort to meet and build relationships with the professors for each class.  

Knowledge of Campus Resources

There are many specialized offices on campus, but several in particular can assist with general problem solving and advice on resources.  

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