Rome Walking Tours Lecture Series:
Rome, the Core and the Disciplines 

The Rome Lecture Series is meant to highlight the process of liberal learning, to help prepare students for Rome, to continue the dialog with those who have been returned, and to further extend the dialog among those who may not participate in the Rome Program. 

Spring 2015 Lectures

"Artists, Poets, Martyrs: The Spanish Steps"
Dr. Bernadette Waterman-Ward, English
Tuesday, February 17 @ 6pm
Gorman Lecture Hall A

"Michelangelo's Bible and the Measured Beauty of David"
Dr. Scott Crider, English
Wednesday, April 22 @ 5pm
Art History Auditorium

 Past Lectures

"Walking on Volcanoes: Trails near Lake Albano"
Dr. Bernadette Waterman-Ward, English

"Living in Italy: A Cross Cultural Journey"
Professoressa Elena Seidler, Modern Languages

"Raphael's Vision: A Discussion of the Paintings in the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican"
Fr. James Lehrberger, Philosophy

"Conspiracy of Art and Architecture in the Formation of Preachers at San Marco Convent"
Dr. William Frank, Philosophy

"Black on Gold: The Petrine Texts and Their Meaning Emblazoned Within St. Peter's Basilica"
Dr. Mark Lowery, Theology

"Michelanglo Reads the Bible: Image and Story on the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel"
Dr. Scott Crider, English

"Un Inglese Italianato e un Diavolo Incarnato!: English and Americans in Rome"
Dr. Andrew Moran, English

"Body, Space and Spirit: Connecting the Dots in Rome"
Professor Emeritus Lyle Novinski, Art

"Jewish Mysticism in Paradiso, canto XXXIII"
Professoressa Valeria Forte, Modern Languages

"Fool for Love: St. Philip Neri and the Reform of Rome"
Dr. Gregory Roper, English

"I Templi Italici di Colle della Torre: A Discussion on the Archaeological Site of the Italic Temples Found in the District of Colle della Torre in the Region of Abruzzo"
Professoressa Valeria Forte, Modern Languages

"The Venice Biennale: Then and Now"
Dr. Catherine Caesar, Art

"A Civic Work of Mercy:
The Meaning of Tintoretto's Program for the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice"
Dr. William Frank, Philosophy

"Ghiberti's Door: Christian vs. Classical"
Dr. John Alvis, English

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