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High School Programs

UD's High School Programs are college courses that require careful reading, writing, study, and test-taking and are guided not by the hunt for easy and immediate pleasures but by the more demanding and ultimately more rewarding challenges of thinking seriously about the questions posed by great art and literature. The programs are led by our faculty and staff who themselves continue to return to these great works in order to improve their understanding of issues they have taught many times before. The programs are designed to show students the great and lasting pleasures that accompany a good educational experience.


Shakespeare in Italy

Though Shakespeare was a thoroughly English playwright, his fascination with Italy--from ancient Rome to Renaissance Venice--knew no bounds. He set more than a quarter of his plays in places like Rome, Padova, Verona, and Venice. Obviously, this land of bright sun, sweeping campagna, mountains, forums, and gondolas caught his attention as much as it does travelers today, and helped him ask some of his most probing questions--and write some of his greatest plays--about love, self-control, envy, hatred, government, and passion. We invite you to come with us and share his passion for Italy and our passion for the Bard, and see how these intersect while living on the beautiful campus at Due Santi and traveling to the sites where he set his plays.

Be sure to check out our Shakespeare in Italy YouTube video!


Latin in Rome

Latin in Rome seeks intermediate and advanced students of Latin who desire to refine and deepen their understanding of the language and the Romans who spoke it. Students combine daily visits to archaeological and historical sites in and around Rome and Naples with intensive small group tutorials on relevant passages in Latin. A minimum of three years of high school Latin is required. The program is led by University of Dallas classics faculty.

Rome & the Catholic Church

Rome and the Catholic Church

Rome and the Catholic Church is a summer program that traces the flow of reasoned reflection on the Catholic faith into the channels that mark Roman and western civilization: spirituality, art, culture, and history. Our conversation with classical thinkers such as Sts. Athanasius, Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas will take us to significant sites in Rome, Florence, and Assisi, where we will explore the basic tenets of the Catholic Church as well as the artistic and academic movements that took root in these beliefs..

School of Athens

Arete: An Introduction to the Classics

Arete means excellence, the standard the ancient Greeks set for themselves in life and in the life of the mind. This two-week program on our home campus will introduce you to essential texts of Western Civilization and allow you to reflect on works of fine art, film, and music, all the while earning college credit.

See how the University of Dallas's Arete program can open your mind. Read an article from 2010 Arete participant Amy Yznaga and Arete Seminar Leader, John Peterson. Also check out our Arete video on vimeo!

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