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Patsy Laird

Patsy Laird

Admission Counselor

Hometown: Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Alma Mater: University of Dallas!

Degree: History with a teaching certificate in Secondary Education

Why I love UD/Why I Recruit for UD: The main aspect of the University of Dallas that initially sparked my interest was its ability to foster a strong sense of belonging to a community. Both the professors and the students genuinely care about one another and you’re not treated as “just another number” in a college system. The professors continually challenge you to grow intellectually, yet they also assist you in reaching your full academic potential. The students become an integral part of your day-to-day life and soon enough become your “UD Family.” I believe the small, affable community deeply influences one’s college experience and I’m quite passionate about promoting the uniqueness of UD. 

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Rathskeller.

Favorite Book: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.

Favorite UD Event: T.G.I.T.

Favorite/Coolest Place I have Visited: Guatemala. One of my close UD friends is from Guatemala, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit her. Before I visited, I was completely unfamiliar with the country, but after having arrived I immediately fell in love! While I was there visiting, I was immersed in the lovely Guatemalan culture; we explored the gorgeous mountains, volcanoes, beaches, and lakes. All in all, the trip was a remarkable experience, and I hope to return soon.

Advice to Prospective Students: Don’t get too overwhelmed with the application process! Actively seek out a college that you believe will serve two specific purposes: challenging you intellectually while also developing your character along the way.  In order to acquire a better understanding of a school, strive to learn as much as possible: talk to alumni, research the school’s academic profile, visit and tour the campus and, more importantly, imagine yourself as a student there!  Also, when you visit, try to sit in on a class and mingle with the student body.  Try not to become stressed out by your college decision– it is a long, daunting process but you’ll make the right decision in the end!

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