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Theology is "faith in search of understanding," that is to say, a faithful listening to and systematic, methodical articulation of the message of the Word of God revealed by deeds and words. This revelation began in Israel, culminated in Jesus Christ, himself both the mediator and sum total of Revelation, and, through him, was transmitted in the living tradition of the Church.

The Department of Theology offers two graduate degrees: a Master of Arts in Theology (M.A.) for students preparing for a career in college teaching and research, and a Master in Theology (M.Th.) for students interested in pursuing higher education in theology for other purposes.

Il Gesu, Rome. 16th Cent. Architects: Vignola & della Porta.

Il Gesu, Rome. 16th Century. Architects: Vignola & della Porta.

Recent and Current Programs

The Department of Theology continually involves itself in academic programs and endeavors aimed at enriching the life of both the University community as well as the Church. Some of the current programs and past projects include:

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