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Faith in the Classroom

The light of the Catholic faith illuminates every aspect of life at UD.

Independent thinking

Outdoor ClassroomStudents laughingly describe our professors as sometimes playing “devil’s advocate” in the classroom, acknowledging that they occasionally need that kind of spur to see and understand different points of view. Because we are “The Catholic University for Independent Thinkers,” we believe that faith is strengthened and matures more fully when it is the subject of deep thought, probing questions and impassioned debate. UD is truly an intellectual community engaged in an open and honest search for the truth.

Educating the whole person

ProfessorFor hundreds of years, the Catholic Church has been delivering education that takes the whole person into account. UD continues the longstanding Catholic intellectual tradition, preparing students for success beyond UD and encouraging them to make a difference in the world by providing rigorous scholarship with an emphasis on the liberal arts, a commitment to spiritual and ethical values and the development of the whole person.

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