Undergraduate degrees offered: BA

Faculty: Dan Hammett, Professor

Ceramicist at the wheel

The University of Dallas offers a comprehensive program in ceramic arts. Students are exposed to the theory of ceramics as art and craft with a solid background in ceramic history, technical and creative possibilities. The course structure allows students to utilize most forming techniques while investigating functional pottery and sculptural formats for personal expression. Students are given full access to a healthy and active studio community.

Basic Requirements

A total of 45 credits: two semesters of participation in senior seminar (one credit per semester); 12 in art history (6 advanced), and 31 in studio courses including 15 credits (12 advanced) in one studio area (beginning studio, two intermediate studios, and two senior studios), the core studio requirements of Drawing I and II, Human Figure, Two-and Three-Dimmension Design, and six credits of electives in other studio experiences outside the area of emphasis. Satisfactory completion of the Senior Exhibition and Comprehensive Examination is required. It is recommended that art majors take Aesthetics for the philosophy elective and seek appropriate electives in other departments.

Firing pottery

Comprehensive Examination

In the second semester of the junior year the work of the student is reviewed by the entire art faculty. A second review occurs in the first senior semester, followed by a final review in the last semester prior to the presentation of the senior capstone project, a solo-exhibition held on campus. It must contain work done predominantly during the Senior Studio course. The exhibition, selected, designed and constructed by the student, is judged by the faculty in an oral examination. In the senior year all art majors must also pass an art history comprehensive exam.

Area of Ceramics course sequence following the Art Core


Year III

Fall   Spring  
Art 3339, Intermediate Ceramics I 3 Art 3340 Intermediate Ceramics II 3
Advanced Art History* 3 Painting or Printmaking  3
Art 3318, Sculpture I 3 Advanced Art History*  3
Philosophy 3311 3 History 1312 3
Math 3 Science 4
 Total Credits 15   Total Credits 16

*20th Century/Contemporary

Year IV

Fall   Spring  
Art 4349, Senior Ceramics 3  Art 4350, Senior Ceramics 3
Art 4151, Senior Seminar 1  Art 4152, Senior Seminar 1
Art Elective 3   Art Elective 3
Science 3  Philosophy (Aesthetics) 3
Elective 3  Politics 1311 3
Economics 1311 3  Elective   3
 Total Credits 16  Total Credits 16
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