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Department of Education

SBEC Accreditation and Pass Rate

As an independent liberal arts university, the University of Dallas has a unique contribution to make to the dialogue in teacher education. Teacher education at the University focuses not only on a sound academic preparation, but also on a strong professional preparation with specific emphasis given to moral and ethical issues embedded in what it means to teach.

It is important to recognize that learning to teach is a collaborative process with undergraduate students, faculty, the Education Department, and practitioners in the field.2014 Student Teachers

The primary objective of the teacher education programs is to lead, encourage, and allow prospective teachers to become responsible, articulate teachers with strong academic preparation; with professional attitudes that reflect knowledge of the learning process; and with a deeply felt sense of their role as models for their future students to emulate.

Degree programs and certification programs offered by the Department of Education are rooted in the mission of the University of Dallas and build from the strong foundation of the core curriculum. The curriculum incorporates a strong historical and philosophic approach. In addition, prospective teachers acquire knowledge and skills necessary to create enriching, rewarding classroom environments while differentiating instruction for their students living in a world of accelerating change.

All programs offered are designed to achieve certification standards established by the Texas Education Agency and teaching requirements determined by the Texas Catholic Conference.

The UD Teacher Certification Program is accredited by the Texas Education Association and the State Board for Educator Certification (TEA/SBEC).


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