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Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy

B.A. English, 2008

Michael Murphy, UD 2008, will spend ten months this year in Papua,New Guinea as a Fulbright Scholar helping to develop regulations based in part on the customary ways people resolve disputes. His host institution will be Papua New Guinea’s National and Supreme Court Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre.

Shortly after graduating from UD, Murphy helped start the Annex House artist and musician collective in Dallas, then began graduate school at the William Mitchell College of Law in Minnesota, graduating Spring, 2012.

“UD provided me with a community devoted to exploring and discussing the great ideas and difficulties of the human experience. The community taught me to collaborate, stand in another’s shoes, and problem solve. As a Fulbright Scholar, I will undoubtedly rely again on the critical thinking and communication skills my liberal arts degree provided, especially those that help me empathize with others' experiences.”

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