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Master's Program in English

and American Literature



          The Master’s program in English at the University of Dallas is intended for those who wish to pursue the advanced study of Literature in English within the context of the Western tradition of culture and thought. The goal of our program is to develop and perfect a student’s capacities for sophisticated and independent thinking about literature, through which one can reach wisdom about the human condition.

The Master’s program is focused on the humanities, broadly understood. This combination allows students to achieve an unusual depth and breadth of understanding. Students are encouraged to integrate their literary studies within the broader traditions of thought and culture represented by the core curriculum. These traditions, however, are not constituted simply by the history of English literature. They consist of a set of overlapping and integrated traditions of philosophy, politics, and culture.

The program leading to a master’s in English is designed for those interested in deepening their knowledge and competence in the analysis of and the writing about literature. Our program appeals to a select audience, including students who may not have earned a Bachelor's degree in English Literature but who want to increase their knowledge of the English Literary tradition and the philosophy and theory of art. The Master’s program, in addition to its general focus on human knowledge and understanding, prepares students to pursue careers in teaching, journalism, law, business, and is an excellent preparation for students wishing to pursue a Doctorate at any university, in any number of programs in the humanities.  



  1. Registration: a minimum of one year enrollment
  2. Advising: two meetings per semester with assigned advisor
  3. Coursework and requirements:


Master of Arts (M.A.):

Eight graded courses (24 credits), with grades of B or higher, and a thesis tutorial (6 credits).

Submission of Master’s Thesis, approximately 40 pages of original critical work

Demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language.


 Master of English (M.E.)

For either program, the graded courses must include the following:


4. Distribution of Courses

In addition to the required course (ENG 5315, Introduction to Literary Study), students are required to take one course in three of the four areas below. Students should consult the Master’s Program advisor to be sure the choice of courses suits their needs and gaps:

5.  A positive evaluation on the comprehensive examination


6.  Completion of above requirements within 6 years of matriculation at the University of Dallas





Please see the Braniff Graduate School for more information.

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