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Last Call to Pick Up Staff Christmas Luncheon Dishes

January 24, 2014
The following dishes were left in the kitchen after the Christmas Staff Luncheon: a purple crock pot carrier, a yellow Corningware dish and one white Corningware dish.

Upholstered Chairs Available to UD Offices

November 01, 2013
Three used upholstered chairs available free to any UD department or office.

Sound Equipment For Sale

October 18, 2013
Student Activities has three pieces of sound equipment available for sale.

Poplar Armoire for Sale

September 23, 2013
FOR SALE: Gorgeous armoire with four drawers, a full length mirror, two removable shelves, and a TV alcove large enough for a 48" television.

2006 Toyota Camry for Sale

September 13, 2013
2006 Toyota Camry, Sports edition for sale. 105k miles, fully automatic, grey color, very good condition, sun roof, spoiler, etc.

Camaro for Sale

September 09, 2013
2000 Camaro. Estate sale. 70,200 miles. T top. Great condition.

Ikea Furniture for Sale

August 08, 2013
IKEA furniture for sale. Professionally assembled, excellent condition, used 21 months.

Do you compost?

June 27, 2013
Non-food waste for composting is needed.

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