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Clubs & Orgs Registration Approval
& All Officer Training


Registration approval for fall 2012 clubs and student organizations is almost complete! Please remember, only approved clubs & orgs will be allowed to reserved space on campus, post in Haggar University Center, and use the other resources available to clubs & orgs.

For CONTINUING Clubs & Orgs: If we received all the correct information and your advisor confirmed by approving through OrgSync you should have received an email notifying you of your approval.
FINAL APPROVAL is contingent upon ALL officers receiving training on September 21st.

For NEW & CHARTERING Clubs & Orgs: The Charter & Appropriations Committee has met and will make final recommendations to Student Government at the senate meeting on Tuesday. You will be notified on Wednesday, September 15th regarding your status.
FINAL APPROVAL is contingent upon ALL officers receiving training on September 21st.


Training for all officers will be offered on Friday, September 21, 2012. This is *required for ALL officers* to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and tools to make your club or student organization successful and understand the University guidelines and procedures for operating a student club or org on campus.

This training will include general clubs & orgs training, State Mandated Risk Management Training, and a special session on how you can utilize all of the great tools offered by OrgSync!

There will be 2 sessions offered on September 21:

Training will be Gorman A and Gorman C (broken up into 2 groups)


officer training

  1. Login to OrgSync (create your profile if you haven't done so already)
    Click HERE to login to OrgSync!
    Login credentials are the same as you would use to login to UDAir-Hotspots or any campus computer.
  2. Click on the OFFICER TRAINING banner to be directed to the registration form.

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