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The Student Foundation Final Exam Care Package Fundraiser

The end of the semester is fast approaching!  Every semester as a fundraiser, Student Foundation offers you the chance to support your student in this frantic time. 

A final exam care package includes healthy snacks, bottled water, drinks, fruit, candy, comfort food and other study essentials ready to be delivered to your student (some snacks may contain peanuts). Packages are $25 with all proceeds going toward Student Foundation events.

The University of Dallas Student Foundation is a student run organization which promotes school spirit and volunteering services among the student body, the local community, and the university alumni with the hope of developing future leaders in their professional work.  Some of the events sponsored by Student Foundation are the Tower Film Festival, the Jake Addison Scholarship for students going to Rome, the Groundhog 5K, Student and Faculty Dinners, the new student publication, The Avant-Guard, and much more.

Purchase a Final Exam Care Package

All orders must be received by Tuesday, May 5, 2015!

Order forms for check purchases will be mailed soon.

To order with a credit card (MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) the Cash Net service can be used by clicking here:


All packages will be delivered on Friday, May 8, 2015. Please note where packages are delivered:

 Thank you for your support!
-The Student Foundation

Please do not call university offices for information - Student Foundation is a student organization and does not have an office on campus. Please direct all questions and concerns to Maria Buckner, President, at

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