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Starting a New Club & Org

Active participation in clubs and organizations is stressed for all students to develop their leadership skills outside the classroom.

Students are encouraged to get involved and even form new clubs if the clubs currently in existence are not meeting their interests or needs.

 A student interested in starting a new organization should consider the following prior to applying for a charter with the Student Activities & Leadership Center:  

Step 1: RESEARCH...

    1. Is there an existing organization that would fill this need of which these community members could become a part? Many organizations are open to new ideas and suggestions for new programs. Would the idea fit into an already existing organization? Check out what clubs & organizations are active now!
    2. Is there a group of UD community members committed to this idea? How long will interest in this organization last?
    3. Will this organization be able to find others who have an interest to carry it beyond the present? Are all of the interested students seniors? Will graduation "wipe out" the group?
    4. Have the interested students given thought to some organizational goals and objectives? Have ideas been discussed about specific programs and activities? Planning now will help answer the questions necessary to apply for provisional recognition as well as to get the group members to think about which category the organization will want to be included in at the appropriate time.
    5. What role will this organization play on campus and/or in the community? The purpose of the group needs to be well defined both for the charter application and for the organization's own planning and recruiting.
Student Foundation Chess Game with President KeefeUltimate FrisbeeStudents Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS): Liquid Nitrogen Sunday Sundaes!Crusaders for Life at the March for Life (2010)


 After answering these few questions, you and your fellow students are ready to begin the application process for a charter.

  1. Develop a Constitution:Using the Sample Constitution (Word Version) as a guide, develop a Constitution and By-Laws for your Organization. Items that must be included are:
      • Purpose of the Organization
      • Procedure for Electing and Removal of Officers
      • Prerequisite of Qualifications of Membership
      • Proposed means of financial support of the Organization
  2. You'll also need...
      • Three student officers (student must have completed at least one semester at UD)
      • A faculty or staff adviser
      • A minimum of ten interested students or members
      1. A list of proposed activities for the first semester


  1. Request Registered Club & Organization status: Follow the steps in the Clubs & Orgs Registration & Renewal webpage. Registered Status is a trial period for new clubs & orgs. After the first semester as a registered club & org you are allowed to apply for full Chartered Status. 

  2. Receive training (includes Risk Management Training*): All officers of a student club & org are required to receive training each academic year. Advisors must receive training every three years. This training will not only go over state requirements for Risk Management but also helpful information on how you can operate on campus and offer tools and resources to make your club & org a success! Training is offered at the beginning of each semester. * Risk Management Training is required by the state of Texas.

  3. Request Chartered status: After your club has been a registered club/organization for one full semester you may request to be a Chartered Club & Organization. Once your request has been accepted, your application for Chartered Status will go to the Student Government Senate for review. After the senate reviews the request final approval may be granted. Student Activities will notify you in writing once the process has been completed and your charter has been approved.

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