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Latin in Rome

The University of Dallas invites eager and qualified young Latinists with at least three years of high school Latin to participate in its one-of-a-kind Latin in Rome program.

  • Quick Info

    Dates: July 8 - 30, 2015
    Cost: $3,750
    Location: Rome, Italy


    Why Study Latin in Rome?

    Our purpose is to stimulate students - to awaken an interest in the history, politics, art and architecture of Rome, while engaged in advanced study of Latin and the people who spoke it. Most of the places we visit will be the immediate subject of the tutorial sessions. In such a setting, grammar becomes a map to a familiar place, and vocabulary a newly discovered old friend. Above all, we strive to preserve what some have called a "dead language" in living minds. And, as you probably know, such study has always been thought to be the irreplaceable foundation of a truly liberal education.

    Latin Faculty

    The Faculty

    Each year, University faculty and top students from our Classics Department lead Latin in Rome. Over the years, Latin in Rome directors and instructors have included program creator Dr. David O. Davies, Dr. Karl Maurer, Associate Professor of Classics, and Dr. David Sweet, Chairman of the Classics Department.

  •  Latin Readings

    The Readings

    Latin in Rome is based upon classical and classic texts from the University's Core Curriculum. Participants study passages from Cicero, Pliny, Vergil and Horace relevant to their travels in Rome. Students also read selected passages in translation from these and other authors to enhance visits to sites in Rome and Naples. The academic program will include lectures by university faculty who have lived and taught in Rome, daily language tutorials, group discussions of texts, as well as guided visits to the historical sites and world famous museums in the vicinity. This program is not a simple summer tour, but rather, a rigorous program of intensive study of Latin.


     Latin Travels

    The Travels

    Unlike most study abroad programs, your classroom is Rome and the other cities and sites you will visit. Students will tour Rome most mornings with their faculty guides and go on an extended trip to the Bay of Naples to see Cicero's birthplace, Pompeii, the Cave of the Sibyl and more.


    Rome Campus Vineyard

    The Rome Campus

    No noisy city setting here. The University's twelve-acre Eugene Constantin Campus rests in the beautiful foothills just off the Via Appia southeast of Rome, where ancient Rome got its start and where Romans and popes take their summer rest. Take a walk in the kiwi grove, kick around a soccer ball, eat fresh Italian food in our mensa, take a dip in the pool, work out in the exercise room, or just sit in the pergola above the working vineyard. You'll find it come paradiso-like paradise-on the grounds of this beautiful former villa.

  •  Latin Group in Rome

    Dates, Costs, Application

    We are currently accepting applications for the 2015 Latin in Rome program. The program will run July 8 - 30, 2015 and will cost $3,750. Complete applications received by January 15, 2015 will be eligible to receive a discount. 

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