Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is my application due? Applications for the Doctoral Institute of Philosophic Studies and Art programs are due by February 15. Admissions are for the fall semester only. Applications for the master's programs in American Studies, Classics, English, Humanities, Philosophy, Politics, Psychology and Theology can be submitted at any time. We recommend that prospective students complete their applications by July 15 for admission to the fall semester and November 15 for admission to the spring semester. Offers of admission are made on a rolling basis, which means that applications are processed as they are received, with priority given to the applications for the upcoming semester.
  2. Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation? Recommendations should be written by college or university professors who have taught the applicant. Applicants to the Humanities or American Studies programs may substitute letters from business or professional colleagues. Recommendations for applicants to the Master of Leadership may be written by professional colleagues, professors, mentors or by those who can speak to your leadership qualities. 
  3. How should I submit my letters of recommendation? Letters of recommendation may be submitted in one of two ways:Your recommender may (a) email the letter using their institutional email address if this email address is listed on the institution’s website (this is to ensure the letter is authentic), or (b) mail the letter directly to the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, University of Dallas, 1845 E. Northgate, Irving, TX 75062-4736. Letters of recommendation are not accepted from applicants, only from recommenders themselves. 
  4. Do I need to take the GRE? Scores from the General Test portion of the GRE, not taken more than five years prior to the date of application, are required from applicants to the Institute of Philosophic Studies and the M.A. programs in English, philosophy, politics, psychology, and theology.
  5. Do I need to take a GRE Subject Test? No.
  6. What is a statement of purpose? A statement of purpose includes the applicant's reasons for wanting to pursue graduate study at the University of Dallas.
  7. What is an intellectual autobiography? An intellectual autobiography is a history of the changes and developments in what has been significant to the applicant's educational and intellectual experience; it includes a statement of academic goals.
  8. As an applicant to the M.A. Program in Art, how should I submit my portfolio? Applicants to the M.A. program in art are required to submit a portfolio via CD of at least 10 representative works and a printed list of the work with thumbnails and identification with title, date and media. Digital files should be in rgb mode with each image no larger than 2mb in size and no greater than 1200 pixels in either height or width. Image resolution should be set at 72 dpi.  
  9. How should I send in my application materials? It is helpful to the admissions team to first submit the online application form and then send in your transcript and letters of recommendation. Your review file is started with the submission of the online application form and then it is completed when we receive your additional materials via mail or email. 


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UD welcomes Emmet T. Flood, Assistant to the President and Special Counsel to the President, as the 2019 commencement speaker. Emmet T. Flood received his B.A. magna cum laude from the University of Dallas in 1978.

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