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Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts

The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts recalls its disciplines to first principles, serving both to refresh and enrich academic ideas and skills, as well as prepare graduates for a variety of careers. Our nine master’s degree programs center on paideia, the education of the soul. Our doctoral program, offered through the Institute of Philosophic Studies, focuses on Western liberal education’s recovery and renewal.

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  • Cowan classroom photoUniversity of Dallas
    1845 E Northgate Dr
    Irving, TX 75062

    Phone: 972-721-5106
    Toll Free: 877-708-3247

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MA/MFA Degrees

The University of Dallas offers master's degrees in a variety of liberal arts disciplines. Each area of study is informed by a unique sense of paideia, the education of the soul (by which the Greeks meant the basic self).

Ph.D. Degrees

Ph.D. Degrees

The Ph.D. granting division of the University of Dallas is the Institute of Philosophic Studies, whose primary aim of education, so we assert, is to supply useful knowledge, expressed with clarity, and ordered in accordance with a notion of the good.

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Applicants to the doctoral program and to the Master's programs in Art are evaluated in one round only, February 15, for admission in the succeeding fall semester. Applicants to all other master's programs are evaluated in monthly rounds until July 15 for the fall semester and until November 15 for the spring semester.

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Programs for Teachers

Recognizing that teachers are a vital, and often underappreciated, force in maintaining the strength of our nation, the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts welcomes teachers to enroll in any of its degree programs, whether as regular or as special students.

Braniff Resources


The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts, like the university itself, aspires to be a community of learning and to attract to the campus all those who wish to continue to cultivate the life of the mind, to whatever extent their busy lives permit, whether as full-time or part-time students or as visitors who are looking for lectures to listen to, dramatic productions to attend, or art exhibits to view.

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Braniff Graduate Student Association

The Braniff Graduate Student Association (BGSA) of the University of Dallas was established to further the interests of the student body of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts within the University of Dallas community. All students enrolled in the Braniff Graduate School are members of the BGSA.

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