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The Master's Program in Humanities offers two Master's degrees and is part of the University of Dallas' attempt to foster general education based on the study of great works in the tradition of Western thought. By making available to students a wide range of graduate courses offered by various departments of the University, the intention of the program is, first, to give students the opportunity to pursue their interests in different fields without committing themselves to earning a degree in any one field alone, and, second, to encourage the careful reading of a limited number of primary texts. To promote these aims--flexibility and careful reading--each student designs his own curriculum, in consultation with the director, around a core of three special courses devoted to the reading of seminal works in the development of western thought. To this core the student adds courses, according to his interests, either in one or two concentrations, or in one or two historical periods. The program requires 36 units of credit and leads to either a Master of Arts in Humanities or a Master of Humanities.

Tempio Malatestiano, Rimini, Italy. c. 1450. Architect: Leon Battista Alberti.

Tempio Malatestiano, Rimini, Italy. c. 1450. Architect: Leon Battista Alberti.

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