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Philosophy M.A. Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Philosophy requires the completion of eight graduate courses (24 credit hours) and a thesis (six credit hours) and passing a comprehensive examination based on a list of classic texts in the history of philosophy from Parmenides to Heidegger. A reading knowledge of one foreign language pertinent to the field of the thesis is required. Students are expected to take courses in the fields of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics and to cover the major epochs of Western philosophy. Entering students should have an undergraduate background of at least 18 semester hours in philosophy; candidates who cannot present this preparation may be required to do additional course work. Students may pursue the M.A. degree either full-time or part-time. Scheduling of courses is flexible to accommodate the needs of part-time students. It is sometimes possible to take courses ordinarily offered only for Institute of Philosophic Studies students as well as courses in other departments, particularly the Departments of Politics and Literature.

Applications and Financial Assistance

Entry into the program requires a bachelor's degree in Philosophy or a related field, unless determined otherwise by the Graduate Dean. Merit-based tuition scholarships are available.

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