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Politics M.A. Theses

"Rousseau's Philosophy of Education in Relation to his Political Aims"

Patrick Cox, 2010

"The Internal Tensions of Individualism: Emile Durkheim and the Project of Ethical Sociology"
Oskar Josef Chomicki, 2006

"A Rhetorical and Political Interpretation Plutarch's Theseus"
Caleb Don Gundlach, 2006

"Lincoln, Equality and the American Founding"
Gregory Ara Kalpakgian, 2001

" Perspectives on Despotism: Reflections of Liberty in Montesquieu's Spirit of the Laws"
Jonathon Colby York, 1999

"Civil Disobedience and the Prolife Movement"
Mary Helen Schlesinger, 1998

"Plato's Laches Translation & Interpretive Essay"
Robert I. Sussman, 1996

"Christian Political Thought and Liberty at the American Founding: The New England Political Sermons"
Scott Philip Segrest, 1996

"The Development of the Just War Criteria: The Catholic Tradition and the 1991 Persian Gulf War"
Tom M. Neumayr, 1996

"A Rhetorical Critical Analysis of Plutarch's Lycurgus and Its Political Interpretation"
Warren Austin Gage, 1995

"Eros and Justice: The Transformation of Spiritedness in Plato's Republic"
Stephen Richard Gay, 1993

"Churchill on India"
Teresa Kolb Schaefer, 1992

"The Compassionate Crusade to End American Homelessness"
Arthur Raymond Blum, 1992

"Montesqueiu's Classical Liberalism: A Commentary on Book One of The Spirit of the Laws"
Gregory Martin McAndrew, 1992

"Aristotle's Discussion of the Middle Class in the Politics, Book Four"
Lydia Margaret Welches, 1990

"Wilmoore Kendall and the Question of the Role of Equality in the American Political Tradition"
Clifford Angel Bates Jr. 1989

"The Man Makes the City"
Elise Eriksson Allen, 1989

"The Restoration of Catholic Political Thought: A Commentary on the Essay on Catholicism, Liberalism, and Socialism of Juan Donoso Cortes"
Jeffery Parnell Johnson, 1984

"The Things that Are Not Peter's"
Kendall Martin Kelley, 1984

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