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Psychology MA Degree Requirements

Master of Arts in Psychology

Twenty-four credits of course work
A proficiency in at least one foreign language pertinent to the field
A comprehensive, written examination
Six units for a Master's thesis

Master of Psychology
Thirty credits of course work
A comprehensive, written examination

Master of Arts in Psychology with a Clinical Concentration
Students may elect to add four courses in the area of clinical psychology to either degree program (making 42 credits for the degree) so as to have a Clinical Concentration, drawing from such courses as health psychology, personality theory, clinical psychology, clinical assessment, depth psychology, psychodiagnostics, counseling and psychotherapy.

Applications and Financial Assistance
Entry into the program requires a bachelor's degree and permission of both the Director and the Dean of the Braniff Graduate School. Non-degree students are welcome to participate in any part of the program after consulting with the Director.

Tuition scholarships are available for the Psychology Program.

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