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Two Lists of Texts for Politics Students

This document contains (1) a list of writings that Politics Ph.D. students should be familiar with in preparation for their Comprehensive Examination, and (2) a list of books from which Politics students should select a text to prepare for their Comprehensive Examination text question.

Reading List for Politics Ph.D. Students

Students should be prepared to discuss the main arguments in the following writings in their written and oral comprehensive examinations.

In addition to specific texts listed below, students should also be prepared to discuss all readings assigned (1) in the IPS core courses, and (2) in any other graduate courses that they have taken.

List of Texts, from which one is to be selected for the Comprehensive Exam

Politics Ph.D. students should select a text from the following list to prepare in depth for their comprehensive examination text question.

Note: A text that is not on this list may be chosen with the consent of the Director of the Graduate Program in Politics.

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