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The Legacy of Willmoore Kendall

: October 30, 2010
Participants: Leo Paul de Alvarez, John Alvis, and Louise S. Cowan
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The Politics Department presents "The Legacy of Willmoore Kendall," a panel discussion with Dr. Leo Paul de Alvarez, Dr. John Alvis, and Dr. Louise Cowan. 

Willmoore Kendall was born just over 100 years ago, on March 5, 1909. After earning degrees at the University of Oklahoma, Northwestern University, Oxford, and the University of Illinois and working as an instructor and correspondent, he taught at Hobart College, Yale, Stanford, the University of Madrid, Georgetown, and Los Angeles State College. He also served as senior editor at National Review. Dr. Kendall came to the University of Dallas in 1963, where he founded the Politics and Economics Department and co-founded, with Dr. Louise Cowan, the doctoral program of the University of Dallas, the Institute of Philosophic Studies (IPS). He died on June 30, 1967 here in Irving after only a few years—but momentous ones—at the University.

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