Greg Bell

Greg Bell

Associate Professor
Augustine Hall


"Sustainability is one of the hottest topics in business today," said Greg Bell, associate professor of management in the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business, who teaches courses on sustainability and corporate strategy at the University of Dallas. Within the last year, he has co-authored a book on sustainability and has also produced articles in the areas of international business and organizational leadership.

In March, Leading the Sustainable Organization was published with fellow faculty member, J. Lee Whittington, professor of management, and Tim Galpin, who is a former UD faculty member. The focus of the book is on the way leaders can improve the long-term sustainability of their organizations. His portion of the book provided a list of ways for firm's to measure sustainability.

According to Bell, "This book will help students determine whether firms are meeting sustainability target goals." He plans to incorporate applicable parts of the book in both his undergraduate and graduate classes.

Bell also published an article during the earlier part of this year, "The Liability of Foreignness in Capital Markets: Sources and Remedies," in the Journal of International Business Studies, the top ranked international business journal. This article has been used in both his Global Entrepreneurship and Strategy courses.

"The objective of this paper is to understand why firms are facing problems when accessing capital in foreign markets, and to help present managers a range of mechanisms that can help mitigate these problems," he adds.

Bell also collaborated with Whittington to co-author a leadership study that evaluates how combinations, or 'bundles', of leadership factors work together to produce positive employee behaviors. Their study, "Evaluating Potential Substitutes for Leader-Member Exchange Using Fuzzy Set Methodology" was recently nominated for Best Paper at the Western Academy of Management's 2012 conference.

As a result of his teaching, students have utilized what they learned in their courses and projects to improve the level of sustainability at major companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

"There is a need for firms to be more sustainable."