Corporate Partnerships

Building businesses through relevant, experienced-based education.

The University of Dallas graduate business students and faculty are working practitioners in over 100 industries including retail, finance and logistics. They are continually advancing the knowledge base of their respective fields through research, classroom and real-world applications.

The University of Dallas is dedicated to creating partnerships between the university and Dallas/Fort Worth businesses. We are proud of our mutually beneficial opportunities to provide students with real-world business challenges and organizations with talented, diverse professionals in advisory roles.

If you have a project that requires a team or individual who is knowledgeable, experienced and motivated look no further than the MBA and M.S. graduate students at the University of Dallas. Whether through internships, philanthropic endeavors or consultations, we will provide you with results that allow your organization to flourish.

Benefits of a UD Partnership

Recruiting & Internships

Graduates of the University of Dallas receive an extensive business education, and are recognized for their strong managerial skills and principled, moral leadership ability. Due to this reputation, several top corporations from the Dallas-Fort Worth area regularly recruit on our campus. If your organization requires specific recruiting needs, the University of Dallas is committed to tailoring our recruiting program to meet them.


Group Project

Have a business idea or problem that needs high-powered attention? For over 40 years, UD students have been assisting organizations in analyzing potential opportunities and issues. MBA students at the University of Dallas, under the direction of a key faculty member, apply their knowledge and skills to real-world business problems through the Capstone Experience. This program is designed to integrate the student's collective knowledge with the real world. They are granted the opportunity to have their decisions and deliverables scrutinized by company executives.

The result is your business gaining a new perspective and UD students benefiting from real-world experience.

Executives on Campus

University of Dallas - Executives on Campus

The University of Dallas invites executives into the classroom to address both undergraduate and graduate students, share their perspective, and aid in connecting concepts learned in class with today's organizational challenges. Join colleagues from Verizon, American Airlines, Comerica Bank, Southwest Airlines, First Data Corp., Texas Instruments, Deloitte, Fidelity and others who are sharing their insights with the leaders of tomorrow.

Employee Educational Benefits

Student in Class

Create an environment of personal and professional growth through education at the University of Dallas with the tuition reimbursement benefit and the corporate partner preferred tuition rate offered through the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business. The discount represents a 20 percent savings off the standard tuition rate. Additionally, employee dependents can utilize a $5,000 tuition grant to complete their undergraduate or graduate degree.

The University of Dallas also offers non-academic course offerings through its Center for Professional Development. These courses range from specific certifications such as CISSP, CFP, TMP, SHRM and others to leadership, ethics and CSR topics. If your employees need a specific program, UD can tailor courses created for your organization and deliver on location, our campus or online.

Foundations & Philanthropy

The University of Dallas' Corporate and Foundation Relations Department's primary goal is to enhance the visibility and affinity of the university within the DFW business and philanthropic arenas. CFR strives to establish personal connections with both corporations and foundations in order to foster mutual participation and support. The University of Dallas will work with each sponsor to develop custom programs, to most accurately meet your company's business objectives and mission.

Have a pain point, special need or project that might be a good fit?

Call us now for a detailed needs assessment and for more information on how the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business graduate students and faculty can help.

For information on corporate partnerships contact:

Halley Netsch Senior Advancement Officer

Halley Netsch

Director of Corporate Relations & Partnerships
Phone: 972.721.5146


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