Dale Fodness

Dale Fodness

Associate Professor
COB Administration Building


Dr. Dale Fodness, associate professor of management in the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business, hopes to become a resource for the students that he teaches in the MBA program. Prior to his role at UD, he was the manager of market research at DFW International Airport. At UD for more than 10 years, he also has been a professor at the Helsinki (Finland) School of Economics for the last 20 years and a Microsoft Corporation Consultant for the last 10 years.

His interest in the behavior of others goes as far back as his childhood. Dr. Fodness credits his grandmother with being his biggest influence. Through her, he learned that everything and everyone had a story, which sparked his interest in psychology and later, consumer behavior.

His role at Microsoft has allowed him to travel to China, Singapore, Russia and India. As a trainer, he works with all of Microsoft's new hires on a strategic thinking model. According to Fodness, his classes at UD have become more like Microsoft in that they are interactive. He believes that he teaches a group of well-rounded students.

Through his classroom experience, he injects strategic thinking into all of his lessons while urging students to create new value in the marketplace. That value comes from giving students the opportunity to trust their intuition and produce creative responses. There is a follow the leader mentality in marketing, he says. "I don't see myself as leader of the class," he adds, "the class is a leadership entity." As a result of that belief and his teaching style, he sees a positive reaction and renewed creativity from students.

Teaching at the Helsinki School of Economics has been a great opportunity for Fodness. There he teaches both undergraduate and graduate students, and has even had the opportunity to teach in Malaysia through the school. He most enjoys academe because he's around others that are as invested as he is. As a professor, he aims to develop classes and content based on real-world experiences, which becomes the basis for all learning since we are all presented with challenges in the real world.

With all of his experiences, he's able to literally bring information from around the globe into the classroom at UD.