Center for Cybersecurity Education

Master of Science and MBA Concentration


MBA or MS?


The 30-hour M.S. degree is designed for students who seek in-depth graduate study of Cybersecurity and requires the completion of an individual research project. The 42-hour MBA degree with a Cybersecurity concentration is designed for students who want to incorporate Cybersecurity education into their graduate business program. MBA students at the University of Dallas complete a real-world consulting project called The Capstone Experience.

Why University of Dallas?


Going beyond programming and network administration, the UD Cybersecurity Masters programs cover the critical topics facing organizations today; data protection, legal and compliance, operational and strategic Cybersecurity management, penetration testing, and digital forensics. Everyone who teaches in the Cybersecurity program has years of real world experience to go beyond concepts and focus on the impact of global cyber threats.

What are my career options?


The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education has outlined a framework that classifies the Cybersecurity profession into seven categories, each with its own set of requirements and typical tasks. Each category is rich with career options for most every interest area within Cybersecurity:

Analyze: Threat Analysis, Exploitation Analysis, All-Source Intelligence

Collect and Operate: Cyber Operations

Protect and Defend: Computer Network Defense Analyst, Security Operator

Investigate: Computer Crime Investigator

Oversight and Development: Information Assurance Manager, Information Security Program Manager

Operate and Maintain: Information Manager, Content Administrator

Securely Provision: Systems Analyst, Configuration Manager