How to Wear a Positive Message On Your Sleeve

In a world in which headlines constantly scream horror, tragedy and dire prediction, positive messages are needed more than ever. Spreading them, however, can take some perseverance.

Jake Thompson Compete Every Day 


Jake Thompson, MBA ’08, didn’t expect to need so much patience when he founded the lifestyle apparel brand Compete Every Day. He just knew that he had a positive message to spread and needed a way to do it. A friend suggested clothing as the medium, so clothing it became.

“I had no apparel, e-commerce, fashion or retail experience when I launched Compete Every Day,” Thompson said. “It’s been a lot of trial and error.”

While Thompson never expected an overnight success, he thought the road to a sustainable business with a team of employees would be less long and winding than it’s been.

Courage and persistence, along with a strong team of supporters and the relationships he built in UD’s MBA program, combine to create Thompson’s recipe for progress and ultimately success.