Undergraduate Business Program

Undergraduate business majorThe Bachelor of Arts in Business is a 120-126 hour program combining a core curriculum committed to the Western heritage of liberal education with a traditional program of business study to develop principled and moral leaders who are competent and responsible managers.

The degree program is composed of four categories of course work: the University Core Curriculum and the Business Major Core, and electives. The Bachelor of Arts in Business culminates with the Senior Business Seminar. This experience is an opportunity to integrate lessons from each of the areas of study within the degree program.

The University Core Curriculum includes courses in the humanities, economics, math, foreign language and science. Students who do not have an elementary foreign language background will be required to complete six additional semester hours of basic study before completing the core language requirement.

The Business Major Core represent the traditional functional areas of business. They include:
Business Foundations
Business Finite Math
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Communications in Business
Global Entrepreneurship
Fundamentals of Finance
Marketing Theory and Practice
Operations Management
Legal Environment of Business
Business Ethics
Social Justice
Leadership and Organizations
Applied Computer Technology
Human Resource Skills
Senior Business Seminar

Elective courses may be selected from among all of the undergraduate courses, but students are encouraged to use them to complete an internship.

Graduation Requirements

  • Senior Comprehensive Exam
    In accordance with university policy, seniors must pass a comprehensive exam in their major field. The business major senior exam includes the following topics: leadership theory, economics, ethics, social justice, marketing, management, operations management, strategy, accounting, and finance.
  • Business Practicum
    In the last two years, students must complete a 400 hour business internship. Students must work in a professional capacity in an organization of their choosing. If student's can not secure an internship they may instead choose to complete a 400 hour business service learning project. Career services can assist students with resume preparation, internship search and interview skills.


"Whereas at one time the decisive factor of production was the land, and later capital ... today the decisive factor is increasingly man himself, that is, his knowledge."

-Pope John Paul II, Centesimus annus, 1991