Business practicum

Business Practicum

The Business Practicum is more than just an internship or a box to check off.  For most undergraduate students at the University of Dallas, it is career defining.  The practicum feature separates the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business from the others and it will define you.  

You will: 

  • Build skills competence.
  • Develop work space confidence.
  • Strengthen ethical awareness
  • Enhance professional network
  • Turn your practical experience into credit
  • Make meaningful contributions to a company
  • Learn the importance of positive values in corporate culture.

In the last two years of study, you will complete a 400-hour business practicum designed to meet your specific needs and custom career goals.  You will select an organization or business enterprise.  As an alternative, you may choose to complete a 400-hour business service learning project  The Career Services Office is available to assist you with resume preparation, internship search, and effective interview techniques. Sharpen your practical work skills while you earn your degree.  



"Whereas at one time the decisive factor of production was the land, and later capital ... today the decisive factor is increasingly man himself, that is, his knowledge."

-Pope John Paul II, Centesimus annus, 1991