Business Concentration for Other Majors

The Business Concentration offers an opportunity for non-business majors to study business in addition to their major program of study. It allows the non-business student to gain a broad understanding of the field of business and prepares students for business-related issues that will arise as a facet of their chosen careers. Accordingly, its curriculum draws on the strengths of the Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business through a series of business core courses. These courses survey the traditional functional areas of the business enterprise and prepare students to interact effectively with professionals from those areas. Additionally, the courses aid students in acquiring the business knowledge and critical analysis and interpersonal skills needed for leadership roles in their careers and in social, volunteer, church and community activities.

Concentration requirements. 19 hours of study to include:

BUS 1301 Business Foundations Seminar
BUS 1310 Accounting Principles
BUS 3320 Marketing Theory and Practice
BUS 3V57 Internship
GST 1117 Career Development
Select 2 upper BUS electives