Undergraduate Business Program

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The Bachelor of Arts in Business is a 120-hour program combining a core curriculum committed to the Western heritage of liberal education with a traditional program of business study to develop principled and moral leaders who are competent and responsible managers.

The degree program is composed of four categories of course work: the University Core Curriculum, Business Major Core, electives and the Business Practicum. 


University Core 

Undergrad classroom

The Core Curriculum is a
nationally recognized two-year,
60-credit hour sequence of
classes that all UD students
take, regardless of major.
The Core sequence begins with
the Greeks and moves forward
through the great thinkers that 
built the western culture we
know today.


Business Major Core 

Business classroom

Our approach to undergraduate
business education transforms 
our students into confident, 
competent, compassionate and
responsible managers.  They 
develop the skills necessary to 
lead their organizations to be
good stewards of our planet,
its people and their products. 

Business Practicum


This 400-hour business program is
designed to meet your specific
needs and custom career goals.
You will:
Build skills and competence.
Develop workplace confidence.
Strengthen ethical awareness.
Enhance professional network.
Make meaningful contributions.
Understand the importance of
positive values in corporate culture.




"Whereas at one time the decisive factor of production was the land, and later capital ... today the decisive factor is increasingly man himself, that is, his knowledge."

-Pope John Paul II, Centesimus annus, 1991