Academic Program

Undergraduate Business Academic Program

The University Core

UD students leave with more than the specific knowledge of their discipline. Armed with the freedom of a liberal education and the wisdom of the Core, our graduates have taken on myriad leadership roles.  The extent to which UD students have immersed themselves in every facet of society is made possible by UD's unique education. The tools earned by the rigorous study of the Core texts are not merely additional; rather, they are foundational to any noble pursuit and subsequent success.

Economics 1311: Fundamentals of Economics
English 1301: The Literary Tradition I
English 1302: The Literary Tradition II
English 2311: The Literary Tradition III (typically taken in Rome)
English 2312: The Literary Tradition IV
History 1311: American Civilization I
History 1312: American Civilization II
History 2301: Western Civilization I (typically taken in Rome)
History 2302: Western Civilization II
Philosophy 1301: Philosophy and the Ethical Life
Philosophy 2323: The Human Person (typically taken in Rome)
Philosophy 3311: Philosophy of Being
Politics 1311: Principles of American Politics
Theology 1301: Understanding the Bible
Theology 2311: The Western Theological Tradition (typically taken in Rome)

Fine Arts - one course
Foreign Language - one to four courses
Math - one course
Science: Two lab science courses

The Business Core

Business 1301: Business Foundations Seminar
Business 1302: Finite Math for Business
Business 1310: Financial Accounting
Business 2340:Legal Environment
Business 3095:Business Practicum
Business 3101:Applied Computer Technology
Business 3302:Leadership and Organizations
Business 3306:Communication in Business
Business 3307:Global Entrepreneurship
Business 3310:Fundamentals of Managerial Finance
Business 3314:Managerial Accounting
Business 3320:Marketing Theory and Practice
Business 3330: Production Operations
Business 4101:Human Resource Skills
Philosophy 3334: Business Ethics
Theology 3340: Social Justice