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The Art Department provides a challenging study of Ceramics, Painting, Art History, Sculpture and Printmaking in addition to a Pre-Architecture program.


Students at UD explore biology that incorporates hands-on experience in the laboratory and field as well as satisfy requirements for many pre-health professions including Pre-Medicine & Pre-Dentistry.


The Bachelor of Arts in Business is a 120-126 hour program combining a core curriculum committed to the Western heritage of liberal education with a traditional program of business study.


In addition to the B.A. and B.S., the department offers a B.S. in Biochemistry


The classics major is based upon the study of works of the first rank within Western Civilization. Students can get degrees in Classics or Philology as well as Concentrations in Biblical Greek, Greek, or Latin.

Computer Science

This program focuses on forming algorithms to solve problems, which requires both creativity and careful reasoning. Students can earn either a B.A., B.S., or Concentration in Computer Science. 


The Drama Department develops students in the study of theater and performing arts while earning either a B.A. or a Concentration.


Economics majors at UD achieve an understanding of the history of economics, economic theory and the economic way of thinking. Earn either a B.A. in Economics or Economics & Finance.


An education major at UD provides academic and professional development for future teachers.  Students can earn their B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies


With a foundation in the study of literature, an English major learns to think critically and write well.


The History Department seeks to know about the human past and, through that study, understand human conduct.

History & Philosophy of Science

This concentration offers an opportunity to integrate the undergraduate curriculum in the humanities and the sciences.

Human Sciences in the Contemporary World

Explore social sciences and humanities in the context of the contemporary world. Undergraduate concentration is available. 

International Studies

This concentration provides an opportunity for students to learn about the international environment.

Jewish Studies

This concentration focuses on theological, philosophical, and historical aspects of Jewish thought and tradition. 


This concentration provides an opportunity for students to gain an understanding of the role of the media in American society and to receive instruction in the basic skills needed to perform adequately in the field.


This major strengthens students’ imaginative and deductive powers through rigorous mathematical thinking. They can earn either a B.A. or B.S. in Mathematics or a Concentration in Applied Math or Pure Math.

Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department at UD centers foreign language learning on the liberal arts. Students can earn a B.A. or Concentration in French, Italian, German,  Spanish or Comparative Literary Traditions.


The music concentration provides students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge of music education and performance.


The biology and nursing dual-degree program between UD and TWU can be completed in five years.

Paideia Personalized Major

This major gives academically excellent students the opportunity to design their own major course of study.


The philosophy major at UD allows students to explore the western philosophical tradition.


The scope of studies in physics is well represented in the curriculum of UD's Physics Department. Students can earn a B.A., B.S., or a concentration in Applied Physics.


Explore the themes of justice, equality, religion and morality while earning a BA. One can also earn a Concentration in Political Philosophy or American Politics


Coursework in this concentration prepares students for law school and careers in the legal profession.


The Psychology Department explores the study of psychology as a liberal art and a rigorous science.


The theology major focuses its coursework on scripture, Christian doctrine, systematic and moral theology.


Ceramicists Find Out Who's Best

This Monday, Feb. 13, winners of the University of Dallas 2017 Regional Juried Ceramics Competition will be announced from among 45 featured artists that were selected by guest juror Virginia Marsh. The awards ceremony and a reception will take place in the Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery from 7 to 9 p.m.

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Even if you clean toilets for a living, you can find spiritual satisfaction in your job, according to Associate Professor of Business Richard Peregoy. Everyone has talents and things they're better at doing than others, but spiritual satisfaction isn't really about that.

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