Matrix Exhibitions & Demonstrations

Matrix Exhibitions & Demonstrations

Kathryn Polk - 2014

Kathryn Polk

Keiji Shinohara - 2013 

Keiji Shinohara

Keiji Shinohara

Mario Kiran - 2012 

Mario Kiran

Nick Conbere - 2012 

Nick Cobere

Joseph Lappie - 2009

Joseph Lappie


Meet the Class of 2021: Seasoned Traveler, Volunteer Will Teach

None of his four older siblings went to college, and Daniel Bishop, BA '21, has been working in the ticket office at the Perot Museum for the past couple of years since graduating from high school. Finally reaching the conclusion that anything he really wanted to do with his life would require more formal schooling, he began looking at his options; immediately, UD's website caught his eye.

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