Alexandra Wilhelmsen

Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen

Alexandra WilhelmsenProfessor, Modern Languages (Spanish)

Adjunct Professor, History


An American from California who was raised in Spain and studied in Italy for several years, Dr. Alexandra Wilhelmsen is the historian in the Department of Modern Languages.  She is a graduate as well as a former director of our Spanish Program.  She is a specialist on Spain.

 Dr. Wilhelmsen's approach to the Hispanic world is interdisciplinary.  She is acknowledged as an expert on Spanish Carlism, a political and religious movement of the nineteenth and early twentieth century.  Her degrees are in Spanish literature, politics, and history. She wrote her MA thesis on medieval Spanish law and her doctoral dissertation on nineteenth-century Spanish political thought.  As a student, Alexandra Wilhelmsen took many courses in art history that have been supplemented over the years by extensive travels in Europe, Mexico, and South America.  To date, Professor  Wilhelmsen has directed a number of MA theses in different programs at UD and approximately seventy-five senior research projects.

Alexandra Wilhelmsens research on Carlism focuses on political thought and on the life in exile of the Carlist branch of the Spanish Royal Family.  In search of documents Dr. Wilhelmsen has visited over fifty libraries, archives, palaces, and churches in Austria, England, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the Vatican, as well as in  the United States.  She has also received documents and illustrations by mail from Brazil.

Prof. Wilhelmsen has given over eighty-five lectures and scholarly presentations in many countries in America and Europe at universities, academic gatherings, cultural institutions, clubs, and churches.

As the director of our Spanish Program, Prof. Wilhelmsen strengthened the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum, expanded the offerings in Spanish American subjects, reintroduced the senior research project, and began UD's association with the Universidad Catlica de Avila, in Spain.  


  • BA, University of Dallas, Spanish and Politics
  • MA, Rice University, History
  • Ph. et Litt. D., University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain), History

Courses taught in the Spanish Program

Professor Wilhelmsen has taught a wide variety of courses to undergraduate and graduate students, in language, history, and art history, in Spanish and in English  The courses in the Spanish Program she teaches most frequently are:

  • Second Year Spanish II (every semester and in the summer)
  • Mexican Civilization
  • Introduction to the Art of Spain and Mexico
  • History of Medieval Spain
  • History of Habsburg Spain (the Golden Age)
  • History of Bourbon Spain (the Age of Revolution)

Major Formal Advisory Positions

  • Aportes (Revista de Historia Contempornea), Madrid, since 1995
  • Hernando de Larramendi Foundations contest for research on Carlism, Madrid, since 1996
  • Faith & Reason, Christendom College, 1997-2010
  • National Screening Committee for Spain, U.S. Fulbright Program, 2002-2005
  • Anales de la Fundacin Francisco Elas de Tejada, Madrid, since 2008
    Fuego y Raya. Revista semestral hispanoamericana de historia y poltica, Madrid, since 2010.


  • Luis Hernando de Larramendi Award (Madrid) in the Hernando de Larramendi Foundations competition for book-length manuscripts in the history of Carlism, 1994.
  • Phi Beta Kappa, 1999
  • King Award, given by UD to a member of the faculty for distinguished contributions to the
  • excellence of the university, 2004.


  • El Desarrollo del pensamiento poltico del Carlismo (1810-1875). Madrid: Editorial Actas and Fundacin Hernando de Larramendi, 1995. Second printing, 1998. 630 pages. This book received approximately twenty nice reviews published in various countries and was also included in half a dozen collective reviews.  Professor Wilhelmsens ten-page introduction was published in Portuguese translation as "O Antiguo Regime" (by Armando Alexandre dos Santos) in a journal in Lisbon, Portugal (1996) and another in So Paulo, Brazil (1998).
  • In addition, Dr. Wilhelmsen has published sixty-five articles and chapters of books in English and Spanish in different fields. Her most important ones on Carlism and its precursor, Spanish political Realismo, are:Carlos VII or an Introduction to Carlism,  Iberian Studies (University of Keele), VIII, 1 (Spring 1979): 25-37.El Manifiesto de los Persas: una alternativa ante el liberalismo espaol,  Revista de Estudios Polticos (Centro de Estudios Constitucionales, Madrid, Spain), Nueva poca, 12 (Nov.-Dec. 1979): 141-161.Los realistas en las Cortes de Cdiz: debates sobre un proyecto constitucional,  Cuadernos de Historia de Espaa (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina), 63-64 (1982): 292-321.Los realistas en el Trienio Constitucional: manifiestos de la Regencia de Urgel,  Cuadernos de Historia de Espaa (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina), 67-68 (1982): 369-400.
  • The Political Thought of Don Carlos in the First Carlist War, in Proceedings of the Fifteenth
  • Consortium on Revolutionary Europe (1750-1850).  K. A. Roider, Jr. at al, eds. (Athens, Georgia, 1985), pp. 161-177.
  • "Basque Carlism in the 1830's." Reflections (St. Paul, MN.), Oct. 1985:11. Review of John F. Coverdale, The Basque Phase of Spain's First Carlist War (Princeton University Press, 1984).
  • The Conspiracy of La Rpita and the Carlist Theory of the Two Legitimacies,  Continuity (The Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Bryn Mawr, PA), 11 (1987): 49-61. Republished in Marginated Groups in Spanish and Portuguese History.  William D. Phillips and Carla Rahn Phillips, eds. Minneapolis, MN: Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies, 1989, pp. 127-137.
  • Vicente Pou: An Early Carlist Political Analyst, in The Consortium on Revolutionary Europe, 1750-1850.  Proceedings, 1989, to Commemorate the Bicentennial of the French Revolution.  D. D. Horward and J. C. Horgan, eds. (Tallahassee: The Florida State University, 1990), pp. 497-503. Republished in Spanish translation (by the author) as Vicente Pou: analista poltico carlista temprano, Razn Espaola (Madrid, Spain), 55 (Sept.-Oct. 1992): 181-190.
  • Carlisms Defense of the Church in Spain, 1833-1936.  Faith & Reason (Christendom College), XVI, 4 (Winter 1990): 355-370.
  • Magn Ferrer: un pensador carlista renovador olvidado, in Estudios de historia moderna y contempornea.  Homenaje a Federico Surez Verdeguer.  Introd. by H.M. King Juan Carlos I ( Madrid: Ediciones Rialp, 1991), pp. 491-499.
  • El desarrollo de la ideologa carlista, 1833-1876, in Las Guerras Carlistas.  A. Bulln de Mendoza, ed (Madrid: Universidad Complutense and Editorial Actas, 1993), pp. 43-59.
  • Antonio Aparisi y Guijarro: A Nineteenth-Century Carlist Apologist for a Sacral Society in Spain, in Saints, Sovereigns and Scholars.  Studies in Honor of Frederick D. Wilhelmsen.  R. Herrera et al., eds.  (New York: Peter Lang, 1993), pp. 365-375.  Also published in Spanish translation by Luis Infante as "La conciencia social del escritor y senador carlista Antonio Aparisi y Guijarro.  Aportes (Revista de Historia Contempornea).  (Madrid), VII, 20 (July-Oct. 1992): 24-30.
  • Pedro de La Hoz: crtico carlista del parlamentarismo en el reinado de Isabel II, in RazionalismoHomenaje a Fernndez de la Mora.  . Maestro, ed.  (Madrid: Fundacin Balmes, 1995), pp. 301-307.
  • The Theory of Spanish Political Traditionalism (1810-1875): Realism and Carlism, in Identidad y nacionalismo en la Espaa contempornea: El Carlismo (1833-1975).  Jornadas organizadas por la Universidad de Wisconsin-Madison y la Fundacin Hernando de Larramendi.  S. G. Payne, ed. (Madrid: Editorial Actas, 1996), pp. 44-54.  Also published in Spanish in the same book as "La Teora del tradicionalismo poltico espaol (1810-1875): Realismo y Carlismo." 
  • Maria Teresa of Braganza, Portuguese Princess of Beira, Wife of the Pretender Carlos V, in Mediterranean Studies VI.  B. F. Taggie et al, eds. (Kirkville, MO:Thomas Jefferson University Press, 1996), pp. 79-101.
  • Maria Beatrice di Austria-Este  Savoia y la formacin intelectual de su hijo mayor, el pretendiente Carlos VII, Aportes (Revista de Historia Contempornea) (Madrid), XIII, 36 (1/1998): 69-86.
  • "Siguiendo los pasos de la Princesa de Beira por los Pirineos." El Boletn Carlista de Madrid, 53 (Sept. 2000). No pagination.
  • Carlism: From Reaction to Counterrevolution, 1833-1876, in Spanish Carlism and Polish Nationalism: The Borderlands of Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, M.J. Chodakiewicz and J. Radilowski, eds.  (Charlottesville, VA: Leoplois Press, 2003), pp. 9-23. Republished in Polish translation (by Marciej Jablnski) as Karlism.  Od reakcji do Kontrrewolucji, 1833-1876, Glaukopis (Warsaw, Poland), 2/3 2005: 9-20.  This publication in Warsaw includes 12 unnumbered pp. of illustrations in color.
  • Francisco Javier de Lizarza Inda y la memoria histrica del Carlismo, Aportes (Revista de Historia Contempornea) (Madrid), XXII, 65 (March 2007): 4-22.
  • Maria Francisca de Braganza, Diccionario Biogrfico Espaol (Madrid: Real Academia de la Historia, 2010), v. IX, pp. 358-359.
  • Maria Teresa de Braganza, Diccionario Biogrfico Espaol (Madrid: Real Academia de la Historia, 2010), v. IX, pp. 359-361.



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