Scott Churchill, Ph.D.

Professor Churchill obtained a B.S. in biology from Bucknell University in 1972.  He completed an APA-accredited clinical psychology internship at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Pittsburgh in 1978 under the supervision of Arthur Van Cara and Joseph Zubin.  Dr. Churchill received his Ph.D. in psychology at Duquesne University in 1984.   

Academic Appointments

University of Dallas

Professor of Psychology, May 2003 to present Graduate Program Director (Psychology), June 2001 to present
Chairman of Psychology, June 1996 - May 2003; fall 2005
Associate Professor of Psychology, June 1989 - May 2003
Member of the Graduate Faculty, Institute of Philosophical Studies, Fall 1984 to present
Assistant Professor of Psychology, April 1984 - May 1989 (full-time, tenured 3/87)
Instructor in Psychology, August 1981 - April 1984 (full-time, tenure-track)

Professional Experience

Memberships in Professional Organizations

American Psychological Association

Fellow, January 2004 to present
Member, July 1986 - December 2003
Affiliate, 1983 - 1984

Council of Representatives

Elected as Div 32 Representative effective 2010 - 2013
Substitute for Div 24, February 200? - August 2007

Division Memberships

Fellow, Division 1:  The Society for General Psychology, 2007 - present
Fellow, Division 5:  Measurement, Statistics, and Assessment, 2011 - present
Fellow, Division 24:  Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, 1986 - present
Fellow, Division 32:  Humanistic Psychology, 1986 - present
Member, Division 29: Psychotherapy, 1993
Member, Division 51: Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity, 1995

Recent Courses

Foundations of Psychology 
History of Psychology I and II
Contemporary Psychology
Junior Research Seminar
Qualitative Research
Language and Expression
Memory and Imagination
Social Psychology
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
Behaviorism and Phenomenology
Psychology of Film
Cutting Edge Films 1960s - 1990s
Husserl & Merleau-Ponty

Selected Publications


Psychodiagnostic Seeing:  A Phenomenological Investigation of the Psychologist's Experience During the Interview Phase of a Clinical Assessment. (Ann Arbor:  University Microfilms International, 1984)

Phenomenology 2010, Volume 5:   Selected Essays from North America, Part 2:  Phenomenology Beyond Philosophyby Richard M. Zaner, Scott Churchill, Gary Gackhaus, Alberto J.L. Carrillo Canan, W.S.K. Cemeron, Thomas Nenon, Lester Embree, and Michael Barber - Budapest:  Zeta Books.

Chapters in Books, Encyclopedia Entries, and Articles Published in Edited Volumes

"Resonating with Meaning in the Lives of Others: Invitation to empathic understanding" in C.T. Fischer, R. Brooke, and L. Laubscher (Eds.) Invitation to Human Science Research.  (in submission).

Phenomenology.   In, Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology. (Thomas Teo, Ed.), Elsevier, 2014.

"An Introduction to Phenomenological Research in Psychology:  Historical, Conceptual, and Methodological Foundations," (with Frederick J. Wertz) in K. Schneider, J.F.T. Bugental, & J.F. Pierson (Eds.), The Handbook of Humanistic Psychology (Revised Edition), Newbury Park, CA: SAGE (2014).

"Second Person" perspectivity in observing and understanding emotion expression.  In L. Embree, M. Barber, & T. J. Nenon (Eds.), Phenomenology 2010, Volume 5:  Selected Essays from North America, Part 2:  Phenomenology beyond Philosophy (pp 81-106), Bucharest:  Zeta Books.

"Methodological Considerations for Human Science Research in the Wake of Postmodernism:  Remembering our Ground while Envisioning Our Future" In M. Tarozzi (Ed.), Phenomenology and Human Science Today:  Thoughts and Research, published by Zetabooks, 2010.

Journal Articles

"Medard Boss's Dialogue with Heidegger, Freud, Sartre, Buddha, and Jung:  On Being Authentic."  (With Louise K.W. Sundararajan, Steven Bindeman, Belinda Siew Luan Khong, Edwin L. Hersch, Doris McIlwain)

"At the Crossroads of Humanistic Psychology and Positive Psychology."  Editorial for The Humanistic Psychologist,2014, 42(1).

"Practicing What We Preach in Humanistic and Positivistic Psychology." (with Christopher J. Mruk), American Psychologist, 2014 (January).

"Heideggerian Pathways Through Trauma and Recovery: A 'Hermeneutics of Facticity,'" The Humanistic Psychologist, 41(3), 2013, 219-230.

"Philosophy Corner,"  Dallas Goethe Center Newsletter, 48(11), April 2013.

"Das 'Wesen' des Daseins leigt in seinem Zu-sein." Dallas Goethe Center Newsletter, 28(8), January 2013.

(Edited by S.D. Churchill) Reflections on Richard Alapack's Love's Pivotal Relationships, The Humanistic Psychologist, 40(3), 283-298.

"Humanistic Psychology and STEM Disciplines:  Strange Bedfellows?" (Editorial), The Humanistic Psychologist,40(3), 221-223.

Awards & Honors

2014 Minnie Stevens Piper Professor, University of Dallas

Fellow, Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture, September 2013

APA's "Mike Arons and E. Mark Stem Award for Distinguished Lifetime Service to Humanistic Psychology," Presented at the 121st Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI, August 2013.

Keynote address.  Sukrut's International Conference on Psychosocial Identity, Bangalore, India, January 17, 2013.

Keynote panelist, 30th Annual International Human Science Research Conference, Oxford University, July 29, 2011.