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Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships

       Have you ever dreamed about studying at Oxford University? Pursuing advanced research at MIT?   We challenge you to aspire to intellectual excellence and to develop as a leader and contributor to the communities you serve while you are a student at the University of Dallas.
        We encourage you to think about where you will go after your studies here. Where do you want to be? What do you want to make of yourself? Gaudium et Spes says you are the leaven of the world: how will you contribute to it and its sanctification?


Christ Church Christ Church, Oxford University
Image courtesy of Christ Church and the Revd. Ralph Williamson, Chaplain of Christ Church

         There are literally hundreds of scholarships to which undergraduate students and post graduates can apply. Many of these external scholarships and fellowships require that the student apply through the university which they attend. See Undergraduate Opportunities and Seniors and Post Graduate Opportunities  to view several of these scholarships, and their respective UD faculty advisors.  University of Dallas students are encouraged to contact Adrian Ramirez for those scholarships and fellowships which require a school nomination or endorsement and to get information regarding other scholarships and fellowships, as well as application process advice.
         The faculty advisors will work with well-qualified individuals in the preparation of the application; however, it is up to each student to submit a well-written application and to get the supporting documents in order to be nominated.  
          While the major fellowships and scholarships such as Rhodes, Fulbright and Truman require a school nomination, many others do not. For those, as well as the nominated scholarships, we do recommend that students seek assistance from the scholarship/fellowship advisor, but also from faculty in their area of study, their Academic Advisor, the Academic Success Office, and Mr. Ramirez to insure that each application is representative of the students' best work. 


  • Adrian Ramirez
  • Scholarships and Fellowships Advising
  • Augustine Hall, Room 132 A
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