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Steven Foutch

Assistant Professor
Graduate and Undergraduate
Printmaking and Drawing


A recent hire at University of Dallas, Steven Foutch is pleased to begin his experience this fall as Assistant Professor of Printmaking. Having received his BFA from Southern Illinois University in 2004, graduating Summa Cum Laude, and his MFA in Printmaking from the University of Notre Dame in 2007, Steven has spent some time honing his skill in stone lithography, intaglio, letterpress, book arts, and papermaking while also caring for these individualized studios and developing the conceptual core of his own work. As a graduate student he enjoyed many opportunities to teach and learn the value of working alongside his students outside the classroom where they continued to learn by witnessing his own trials and experimentation at the press next to them. Steven was previously invited into the classroom to teach Digital Printmaking at The University of Georgia, where he prompted his students to create conceptually driven, technically ambitious artwork while formally researching their ideas and providing sources to strengthen the content of finished pieces.

Most recently, Steven served as Director of Operations at an online commercial printing company located in Athens, Georgia. Here teaching was considered one of his central responsibilities, as he was accountable for the education and training of three department managers and nearly sixty employees. However, Steven's main success was in forging a strong relationship with The University of Georgia's Printmaking and Book Arts department through the creation and continuance of internship programs. Since its conception, over thirty current and post degree students have learned the real world skills of production art/design and prepress digital art setup. It is Steven's personal belief that artists who possess the ability to make a living in commercial fields related to their artistic training stand a greater chance of continued success in their own studio practice, and his mission is giving artists not only conceptual fidelity, but real world preparedness. Steven's own work has been shown nationally and internationally.

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