Pumpkin Tripodal w/overhead handles, stonewareIron Red Ice Bucket, stoneware, 9 x 10 x 7 inTurquoise/Brown Tripodal Pitcher, 19 x 9 x 7 in

Dan Hammett

Graduate and Undergraduate

Artist Statement

The uniqueness of an experience has always been registered as a visual image. As time passes, the less important parts may fade, but the essence of the experience is captured as a visual.

It was a wonderful experience to view the pottery at the Vatican, the Athens Museum, and the Herakleion Museum, on the island of Crete. I saw hundreds upon thousands of amphora in their magnificent splendor. I saw the playful and imaginative Minoan transformation of common utilitarian objects to unique forms embellished by images of nature. However, the image that burned most vividly in my mind's eye was that of a chard.

While walking through the ruins of the Palace of Knosses, I noticed at the edge of a pile of rubble a small broken piece of pottery lying half embedded in the soil. I gently retrieved the chard and found a brush stroke of slip on the surface. With closer examination, the other side revealed a fingerprint. It was a print as clear as it could be, left by the finger of the potter during the process of forming.

When recalling the time I spent in Europe, the entire experience was encapsulated when I touched what had been touched before.

Dan Hammett


Professor Hammett received his B.A. in Education from Northeastern State University of Oklahoma, BFA degree from The University of Kansas and his MFA degree in Ceramic Art from The State University of New York College of Ceramics at Alfred 1974. He has taught at The University of Dallas in Irving, Texas since 1974 where he is currently a full Professor of the Art Department. Dan's teaching career has produced national and international artist and teachers and has sponsored Fulbright scholars and field researchers.

He has conducted field studies to Museums in Italy, Greece, and Crete and The Peoples Republic of China. He has received grants, awards and commissions that include The Texas Commission of the Arts, The National Endowment of the Arts and The Southland Corporation commission for "The Olympia Award". "The Olympia Award" was a limited edition of a 523 B.C. Greek Replica Amphorae for the 1982 Olympic Gold Medalist of the United States of America.

He maintains a private studio "Handcrafted Ceramics" where he produces architectural ceramic sculpture as well as functional ceramics for over thirty-five years. He also conducts workshops and exhibits throughout the United States of America. His ceramic work has been included in exhibitions at The Farrell Collection Gallery, Washington, D.C., Collectable Crafts, Handwork Gallery, New York, New York, Ohio Ceramic and Sculpture Show, Butler Institute of Art, Youngstown, Ohio, South Central Regional Exhibition, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO, New Art Forms Exposition, Navy Pier, Chicago, Illinois. His work is included in private, university and the corporate collections of Xerox Corporation, Texas. Taylor Widmer Winery, Bath-Hammondsport, New York. The Southland Corporation, Dallas, Texas. National Cash Register Corporation, Dayton, Ohio.

Professor Hammett developed and served as consultant/project manager for National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts award winning PBS style film series. The film series focuses on the Icons of American Ceramic Art. Currently "The Spirit of Ceramics" Film Series has produced five DVD's. The goal for the film series is to record individuals that have blazed the trail in American Ceramic for others to follow.


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