Fresh Tracks

March 22 - April 28, 2013
Reception March 22, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Haggerty Gallery, Art History Building, Haggerty Art Village

Organized by Kim Cadmus Owens and Michael Francis, fresh tracks is an exhibition that developed out of a conversation between artists regarding abstract painting. The artists in the exhibition engage directly with the substance of painting. They are aware of its history and discourse and forge their own territory within its long trajectory. In their work they unleash the power of seemingly formal investigations of color, line, shape, and space to pose perceptual and conceptual questions. These abstract dialogs allow the viewer to trace familiar materials through new thought processes and lay fresh tracks, encouraging an audience now educated in the "art of the abstract" to discern its contemporary implications.

Exhibiting artists include David Aylsworth, Trey Egan, Vincent Falsetta, Nathan Green, Raychael Stine, Marcelyn McNeil, Michelle Mackey, Brian Ryden, and Eli Walker.

Fresh Tracks - Spring 2013David Aylsworth - Present Without Warning -	oil on canvas 2009David Aylsworth	- Whistlig Ravel as You Roll Down the Street - oil on canvas 2008David Aylsworth - See the Sail as it Swiftly Swells - oil on canvas 2008Trey Egan - Zara Sequencia - oil on canvasTrey Egan - Fragmented Ceremony: Systematic Reveal - oil on canvasTrey Egan - Are You to Keep Your Own Prize - oil on canvasVincent Falsetta - Untitled cv 10-1 oil on canvasVincent Falsetta - Untitled cw 10-2 - oil on canvasNathan Green - Short Space - mixed media on canvas 2012Nathan Green - S.P.A.V. - mixed media on canvas 2012Nathan Green - Lie/Box - acrylic on canvas 2012Nathan Green - Droplets - acrylic, insulation foam on cardboard 2012Michelle Mackey	- Trefoil - latex enamel on resin coated panelMarcelyn McNeil - Spoil Twenty-Ten - oil on panelMarcelyn McNeil - Pink Stream - oil on panelMarcelyn McNeil - Like a Chameleon - oil on panelBrian Ryden - Splasher - acrylic and marker on canvasBrian Ryden - Partau - acrylic on panelBrian Ryden - Lines in My Empty Mind - acrylic on panelBrian Ryden - Burdens - acrylic and marker on canvasRaychael Stine - Vision 3 oil and acrylic on canvas, postcardRaychael Stine - Vision 4 - oil and acrylic on canvas, postcardEli Walker - Untitled (Window 2) - oil, enamel on upholstery 2012Eli Walker - Untitled (Texas Underpass 3) oil, enamel on Texas linen 2012Eli Walker - Untitled (Texas Underpass 5) - oil, enamel on upholstery 2012Eli Walker - Untitled (Texas Road 4) - oil, enamel on Texas linen 2012

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