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Charles Eaker, Ph.D.

Dr. Charles W. Eaker

Professor, Physical Chemistry

Office: Academic Dean Braniff Building
Phone: 972-721-5108
Fax: 972-721-4039

Professor Eaker obtained a B.S. in chemistry from Michigan State University in 1971 and a Ph.D. in physical chemistry from the University of Chicago in 1974. His Ph.D. thesis was titled "A Semi-empirical Multiconfigurational Self-Consistent Field Theory." He was a R.A. Welch Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Texas at Dallas in 1974-76. He joined the faculty at University of Dallas in 1976.

Dr. Eaker is a theoretical chemist whose area of specialty is reaction dynamics. He makes extensive use of computers and computer graphics in his research. He teaches general chemistry and physical chemistry at the University of Dallas. His work has been funded by a number of foundations including the American Chemical Society, National Science Foundation and the R.A. Welch Foundation.

In addition to his teaching and research activities, Professor Eaker is an educational consultant for the Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3) program of Texas Instruments. He has developed workshops to teach instructors innovative ways to teach science concepts and use methods of scientific data collection and analysis.

Dr. Eaker also serves as the Dean of Constantin College.

Research Interests: Dynamics of Chemical Reactions

Dr. Eaker's research involves the use of computers to study the dynamical aspects of chemical reactions. This work requires the calculations of forces of interaction between atoms and molecules, the solution of differential equations governing the motion of the reacting atoms and molecules in a reaction, and the analysis of the product molecules. Two particular interests are nonadiabatic reactions and fast Fourier transform techniques for the quantization of reactants and the analysis of products.

Selected Publications

"Quasiclassical State-Selected Trajectory Study of O + H3+ Reaction," Richard E. Cook and Charles W. Eaker. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 108, 10252 (2004).

"Fitting and Analyzing pH Titration Curves on a Graphing Calculator," Charles W. Eaker. The Chemical Educator 5, 1 (2000).

"A Fast Fourier Transform Method for the Quasiclassical Selection of Initial Ro-vibrational States of Triatomic Molecules," Charles W. Eaker and David W. Schwenke. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 103, 6984 (1995).

"A Quasiclassical, Surface Hopping Trajectory Study of the Reaction Na (2P) + HCl --> NaCl + H(2S)," Charles W. Eaker. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 93, 8073 (1990).

"Collision Induced Dissociation of H2+ and D2+ with H2 Using a Surface Hopping Trajectory Method," Charles W. Eaker and George C. Schatz. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 89, 6713 (1988).

"Fourier Transform Methods for Calculating Action Variables and Semiclassical Eigenvalues for Coupled Oscillator Systems," Charles W. Eaker, George C. Schatz, Nelson DeLeon, and Eric J. Heller. The Journal of Physical Chemistry 81, 5913 (1984).

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