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Why Choose O'Hara?

There are many reasons to participate in the O'Hara program:ohara

o It's free!

o It's fun!

o You will significantly advance your academic progress by completing the General Chemistry requirement for science majors. This makes it easier for you to schedule a semester of study on the University of Dallas Rome Campus during your sophomore year.

o Spending the summer at UD in a rigorous academic program makes the transition from high school to college in the fall much easier.

o Having eight credit hours of chemistry allows more scheduling flexibility. 

o You will be able to take more electives at UD

o Taking General Chemistry in the summer provides a more even distribution of science courses over the four years of college.

o If you choose, you may complete the Organic Chemistry sequence before going to Rome. This affords the opportunity of doing undergraduate research the summer after your sophomore year instead of waiting until the summer after your junior year.

o O'Hara is especially advantageous for pre-med students who are not science majors. These students must complete the requirements for their major, as well as the science requirements for medical school.

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