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Fall 2014 Senior Studios

December 4th - 7th

Margaret Jonsson Theater


Polaroid Stories

By Naomi Iizuka

Directed by Catie McLain

Catie McLain will direct Naomi Iizuka’s riveting account of devastation and the transcendence of the human experience in Polaroid Stories. Drawing inspiration from the myths of Ovid’s Metamorphoses and from real life accounts told by street kids, the play exists in a world somewhere between the mythic and the everyday where drug dealers are gods and their goods are pathways into the Underworld.


The Truth About the Truth

By Benn W. Levy

Directed by Joseph Dodd

A stubborn playwright, wanting confirmation that his work is good, approaches an ego-centric actress to read her his play, but instead gets confronted by the sassy maid, who, wanting to share her ideas on theatre, tries to show the playwright how phony his work is. 



By Woody Allen

Directed by Aidan Malone

God, written in 1975 by the iconic and neurotic Woody Allen, is a wild and meta-theatrical comedy directed this Fall by Aidan Malone. The play follows the antics of two ancient Greek dramatists who spend their time quarreling over existence and the meaning of life, all while trying to win first prize at the Athenian Drama Festival. Don't miss this rare and hilarious production of a Woody Allen play!


Sotoba Komachi

By Yukio Mishima

Directed by Annie Zwerneman

Annie Zwerneman directs Yukio Mishima's enchanting love story of Sotoba Komachi.  Based on an ancient Japanese legend, a 99 year-old once beautiful woman called Komachi haunts a twilit park full of lovers and fatally enthralls an idealistic poet. Sotoba Komachi  is a modern Japanese Noh play that explores the close relationship between addiction to beauty and death.


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